Pierrefonds-Roxboro covers most of the territory of the West-Island.  This family friendly neighborhood offers an abundance of schools, preschools to high schools, public or private. It also offers after school activities and municipal sports teams for your children.  As it is located along the Rivière des Prairies it is also home to Montreal’s famous Cap-Saint-Jacques.

Montréal (Pierrefonds-Roxboro), Montréal (Île)


Population (2016) 69 297 Population density 2 547 hab/km2
Population change between 2011 and 2016 1% Unemployment rate (2016) 8%

Detailed statistics by property category

** Insufficient number of transactions to produce a reliable statistic

The statistical data presented on this page provides an overall picture of the real estate market in a given area, but is not a reflection of each individual property. To obtain an estimate of the market value of your property, contact a real estate broker. With his or her training and state-of-the-art tools, he or she will be able to perform a comparative market analysis to establish the right price.


  1. Residential totals include single-family, condominium, plex (2-5 units) as well as farmhouses.
  2. Change rates are calculated from the same quarter in the previous year.
  3. The median sales price is the one that separates all transactions into two equal parts: half of the transactions were at a lower price and half at a higher price.

Source Centris