We expertly evaluate your property based on its overall condition, recent comparable sales and current inventory. Let us find the true value of your home!


Pinpointing your target market, highlighting your home’s key features and strategically pricing your home will attract the highest number of visitors to your property.


The use of professional photography, virtual tours, targeted social media campaigns, web presence and traditional mailers. We provide maximum exposure and present your home in its best possible light.


We pride ourselves on being present for all visits to your property, even if the buyer has their own broker. Rain or shine, we are committed to being there for every visit.


We protect your interests. Experience allows us to foresee potential issues, and help you avoid them. From analyzing legal documents to the drafting of contracts, there are many important details in a real estate transaction that we are trained to handle.


Once the conditions of an accepted offer are finalized, we are not done! Getting your paperwork to the notary along with your favourite bottle of bubbly are among a few of the next steps we’ll be involved in. We’ll be there for the long-haul!