Mortgage Calculator

Morgage calculator

According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, an increase of 3.5% in interest rate results in an increase of close to $950 in monthly mortgage payment. Understanding how different variables affect your mortgage renewal options is crucial in making informed decisions about your home financing. Our mortgage renewal calculator is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your mortgage renewal payment possibilities, ensuring you make an informed choice for your future plans.

How It Works

Our mortgage payment calculator evaluates your current mortgage details, including the purchase price or outstanding balance, mortgage interest rate, the remaining amortization period, and the type of mortgages. By inputting these figures, it assesses your renewal options, offering insights into potential monthly mortgage payments.

How to Use It

  1. Enter your current mortgage balance;
  2. Specify the different options for current interest rates and amortization periods;
  3. See how the different variables affect your monthly payments;

How to Read the Results

The results from our mortgage renewal calculator give you a detailed breakdown of your options and the different payment scenarios. You’ll see how different mortgage principals, market interest rates, amortization schedule, and mortgage types can influence your monthly payments over time, total interest paid, the remaining mortgage debt, and the principal balance over time. This clarity is essential for making an informed decision that aligns with your financial goals and property aspirations.

How to Renew Your Mortgage

Renewing your mortgage involves entering into a new agreement with your mortgage provider or another financial institution once your current term ends. This process is crucial because it allows you to renegotiate the terms of your mortgage contract, potentially securing a lower interest rate, adjusting the length of your mortgage term, and modifying payment schedules to better suit your current financial situation.

It’s a pivotal moment for homeowners, offering the opportunity to reflect on their financial goalsassess current market conditions, and make strategic decisions that can significantly impact their long-term financial goals.

Use Our Mortgage Renewal Calculator to Your Advantage

  • Precisely calculate potential savings from different renewal options;
  • Understand how changes in mortgage interest rates affect your monthly payments;

Our Tips to Renew Your Mortgage

  • Review your financial goals: Consider how changes in income, expenses, and life circumstances might affect your mortgage needs;
  • Shop around: Shop around for the best current mortgage rates. Don’t settle for your current lender’s offer without comparing it to what’s available in the market;
  • Negotiate: Use the insights from our calculator to negotiate better terms with lenders;

Consider Your Options Carefully

  • Fixed-rate mortgages vs. variable mortgage rates: Each has its benefits, depending on your risk tolerance and financial situation;
  • Term length: Shorter terms offer flexibility, while longer terms provide stability;

Plan for the Future

  • Overpayment allowances: Some lenders allow you to pay more than your regular payments, reducing your mortgage principal balance and total interest over time;

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What is mortgage renewal?

Mortgage renewal is the process of renegotiating the terms of your mortgage agreement, including the interest rate and duration, at the end of your current term with your current mortgage lender.

What is the difference between refinancing and renewing a mortgage?

Refinancing your mortgage means renegotiating your existing mortgage loan agreement, often with the aim of consolidating debts or tapping into the equity of your property to increase the loan amount for significant expenses. On the other hand, mortgage renewal is a process that involves signing a new agreement for another term with your current lender, often with the opportunity to negotiate terms such as the interest rate and duration.

Is it better to renew or refinance your mortgage?

This decision depends on the available mortgage options and your individual financial situation. The mortgage renewal process is often the simpler and more straightforward choice if you’re satisfied with your current lender, and they offer you a favorable term. Refinancing, however, might be the better option if you’re looking to consolidate debt, access the equity in your home for large expenses, or if you can secure a significantly lower mortgage interest rate with other banks or lenders.